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What You Need to Know About Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you are in your middle age or getting into your fifties, you may consider knowing whether you are eligible for a hormone replacement therapy. While many people have had questions about hormone replacement therapy and whether it works or not, it would be essential for one to know what it is. Hormone replacement therapy tends to be a perfect solution when it comes to women who are experiencing difficulties that come with menopause.

One tends to undergo hormone replacement therapy with the intention of ensuring that the uterus thickens and gets ready for implantation. One, however, would also need to know that estrogen and progesterone tend to serve many more functions in human body. Among the other functions include helping the body in processing of calcium as well as aiding in maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels keeping the reproductive system healthy. One would need to know that it is normal for production of estrogen in the ovaries to drop drastically the moment she hits menopause and hence the need to adapt hormone replacement therapy.

One would experience symptoms such as hot flashes, mood chances, sleep problems, dryness as well as pain whenever she is making love. One may also note emergence of osteoporosis at this stage and hence the need to go for hormone replacement therapy. Women with a history of osteoporosis as well as those who experience moderate to severe symptoms that come as a result of menopause as well would highly benefit from hormone replacement therapy.

If you are a lady with heart disease, breast cancer, and liver disease or have ever experienced blood clots, you may consider avoiding hormone replacement therapy. You may also consider avoiding hormone replacement therapy in a case where you do not experience menopausal symptoms.

In a case where you start experiencing menopausal symptoms, you may experience them for two to three years. You may also need to remember that menopause does not have a specific age when it must strike as some women tends to experience it earlier than others. Among the reason you would need to skin hormone replacement therapy from a doctor is to make sure that you avoid any risk that you may experience.

Hormone replacement therapy is given as a pill, patch, gel, cream, or even a ring either as ET or EPT. All one would need to do is to ensure that she figures out the best hormone replacement therapy doctor near her and seek counsel and medication. One would need to remember that prescription tends to be as important.

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