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This is Why You Should Consider a Country Club Venue for your Wedding

Weddings are important days for people. You want the best of what nature and planning have to offer to have a memorable day. The venue will be a deciding factor on how good your day will be. When choosing a place you have to make sure it has the required facilities. That is why a country club is a great choice for your wedding.

These are some of reasons why holding your wedding at a country club is a welcome idea.
Exclusive setting
Country clubs tend to be located in high-end neighborhoods with only a few people allowed access. This will give you the space to have a private wedding. Most people do not prefer having their weddings in a country club. There is high chance you will be the only one wedding on a particular day. You will have a good time and space for your function.

Great scenery
Golf clubs tend to have great sceneries. They are mostly made with beautifully manicured grounds. It will give your ceremony and photos a beautiful set up. The indoor spaces are also well decorated. You will be able to give your guest a beautiful wedding set up all year round.

Membership not a must
Most of the times you will only have access the facilities of a country club when you are a member. It si different when it comes to weddings though. The venue can still be yours even if you are not a member. You will not be limited in any way. Be sure to experience the feel of a country club no matter what.

Great food
There are different great cuisines served in country club from time to time you can access. These are meals prepared by the food experts who work at the place. The in-house cooks are experienced to prepare the best food for your guest. You can request for custom made meals. You will be saved the need to hire food separately.

Several rooms
You should consider a country club for your big wedding. They have several banquet and ballrooms that can be able to accommodate several of your guests. You will be able to accommodate all the guests. They also have all the necessary facilities for your guests.

Beautiful photos
When holding a wedding in a country club, you do not need to move to another location for the photo sessions. This is because they have beautiful scneris that has well manicured lawns for the beautiful photos. You will save yourself the hassle and time moving to different locations for photos.

Ample parking
Most couples never consider parking when looking for a wedding venue. The fact is that it is an important aspect. Country clubs have enough parking for your guests. Most are also set such that getting in and out is easier. This is great for the movement of your guest.

You now have all the reasons to hold your wedding at a country club.

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