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Tips on How to Choose a Diamond Engagement Rings

The need to have a diamond ring for engagement s will keep on. Irrespective of the depth of their pockets, they still want to give the best. Diamond being the to go to engagement ring. These are the pointers in every diamond that you have to look for when making a choice.

There are several diamond shapes. Every shape you can think of. Some of the most common shapes are pear, rectangle, circular, oval and heart shapes. This is a good standing because different women have an attraction towards different shapes. You need to know the shape that your partner is most attracted to. If you are not sure of what they like then get them the classic ones, like the round and princess shapes.Avoid trendy shapes as they get outdated fast

Cut is an important aspect of a diamond ring as it determines the sparkle.A poor cut looks dulls even on a great clarity and color. You should choose the cut depending on your budget. You should only go for the highest cut your budget can allow. A high grade cut has a way of allowing more light which enhance fire, brilliance and sparkle.
Diamond Clarity

The clarity of the diamond is the number of additives in the diamond. The less visible and fewer the inclusions the higher the prices of the diamond ring. When on a tight budget but still want to make a statement with a diamond ring the go for less clarity. You can work with a jeweler to help settle on a ring that will not show much of the imperfections. You should also still be able to stay calm as most of the inclusions are microscopic and not visible.

Diamond carat is the easiest factor to misunderstanding among them all.The carat of the diamond has been the most understood factor among them all. Most people tend to confuse the carat for diamond size when it is the weight in the real size. Do not worry though as a decent diamond ring can come with fewer carats when you are on a tight budget. If you want to spend less on the engagement ring, then you should ensure you go for the right shape and cut. Setting the right cut and shape will leave the small ring still looking great.

For a very long time it has been that you will need to have a lot of money or save for years to get a diamond ring, maybe it is not entirely true. It is possible to still get the diamond ring you have wanted for your partner, even on a tight budget.Do make sure that you get everything right on the clarity, shape, cut and carat. Also work with a jeweler when making your pick.

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