Things to Consider When Using a Laser Engraver or Cutter on Wood

Some people are passionate about being able to create works of art from scratch. To create these pieces, a person will need to invest in a variety of tools. One of the best tools a person can invest in is a laser cutter or engraver.

Once a person has chosen the right cutter or engraver, they will need to think about the type of material they want to use. For years, hobbyists and professionals alike have used laser cutter wood to create breathtakingly beautiful pieces. The following are some of the things a person needs to think about when using wood on their laser engraver or cutter.

Choosing the Right Type of Wood

With all of the different types of wood on the market, choosing the right one for a laser engraver or cutter project can be a bit difficult. The first thing a person needs to consider when trying to make this decision is how big their piece will be. If a person is going to make a large wooden piece, using hardwoods is a must.

Attempting to do larger projects with plywood will usually lead to less-than-stellar results. While hardwoods may be a bit more expensive, they are definitely worth the investment.

Protect the Wood From Scorch Marks

One of the most appealing parts of a wooden piece that has been run through a laser engraver is the strategically placed scorch marks. When done the right way, these marks will provide a piece with the rustic charm most consumers love. However, a laser engraver will need to be careful about protecting certain parts of the wood being used from scorching.

The best way to offer this protection is by taping up sections of the wood that need to remain free of scorch marks. By doing this, a person can help to ensure their project comes out the way they intended.

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