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Why Use Black Galaxy Granite for Your Home Renovation

Before black galaxy granite was called star galaxy granite. This type of granite stone is one that is popular around the world. This is called black galaxy or star galaxy because the background is blackish with golden specks in it. Flooring, countertops and worktops in homes and commercial establishments use black galaxy granite. Black galaxy granite used for flooring are available as small tiles while slabs are used for work tops. Kitchen countertops can also be made of black galaxy granite since it is a very hard and durable stone with uniform color. This type of granite is polished and glossy on one side which is used for the countertop or work top surface and gives great contrast to steel and metal accessories in your kitchen.

Black galaxy granite is good for your house renovation. You can use it for your kitchen countertops or bathroom worktops and tiles for your floor. This type of granite is a very cost effective type. t has all the good qualities of regular granite like low maintenance, hardwearing, resistant to scratch moisture, mold and heat. Its appearance is also very striking. You can use it anywhere in the hosue because its color is uniform. If you want to use black galaxy granite for your home or office, you should look for a supplier in your area. Look at the sample of black galaxy granite first before purchasing. Make sure that the stone has no chips, abrasions, fissures or any marks on the stone surface. If the stone is smooth, then you can order it for your home. Black galaxy granite edges are rounded in a smooth curve.

You can find black galaxy granite all over the world but all these stones have been quarried in Andhra Pradesh in India. Here they are able to get three types of black galaxy granite. The three types depend on the size of the specks like there is large sized specks, medium sized, and small sized specks. The presence of ferrous rich type of bronziet which together with iron give a submetallic luster giving the appearance of golden specks.

The growing demand for black galaxy granite worldwide has increased the quarrying of black galaxy granite. With increased quarrying, the supply of black galaxy granite is also diminishing. We will experience the increase in the cost of black galaxy granite when the time comes that supplies can no longer meet the large demand. You can find black granite in other places in the world, but black galaxy granite is peculiar to this place. This is why, It is good to use black galaxy granite now while the supply is still great.

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