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Reading Manga For The First Time – Simple Guidelines On How To Do So

When we say manga, we are actually referring to cartoons and comics in print which is very famous in Japan. Meanwhile, when we say anime, this is a Japanese term that refers to films or TV series that contain animated cartoons. The difference between mangas in Japanese society and comics in American society is that the first holds a much greater status in the culture of their country of origin while the latter does not. The truth of the matter is that Japanese people see manga as something relevant and important, may it be as an art or as a form of popular literature. You can actually say that manga is something that holds great value in the lives of the Japanese people and this can be observed with the rise in Japan’s adult population that is reading manga, plus, some of its major manga magazines are selling millions of copies every week. It is safe to say that mangas are not only kid’s stuff nor just your regular comic.

Take note that mangas do not only provide a single genre or a single plot for everyone to read as they are very diverse and we are sure that you will be able to find one that will suit to your taste and preference. Not only that, there goes the fact as well that almost all manga titles have the combination of artful and, oftentimes, colorful picture and frames with nuanced stoies that will surely entertain you and make you addicted to reading it. Generally categorized in different genres, some of the highly-acclaimed mangas are the following: ecchi for erotic mangas, suiri for crime and murder, jidaimono for historical drama, seinin for adult men, redisu for adult women, kodomo for children, shojo manga for young girls and teenage women, and also, shonen for young boys and teenage men.

With all these, we are sure that you are now curious to know how you can get started in reading manga. Well, you only have to follow the tips we present here and you will be able to do it easily.

First things first, walk into the store. Almost all large booksellers out there have a section that is intended for manga, however, if you want to get a wide range of titles, we suggest that you try a comic book store. Whichever place you may choose to go, you will immediately spot mangas since they usually have covered in color and have colored content in several pages as well, while leaving the rest of the book in black and white.

Since this is your first time and surely, you are not familiar with the genres, we suggest that you look thoroughly the books available and read them a little and if you find something interesting or suitable for your taste, you can pay for it and take it home.

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